My name is Diontae Trawick, and I am currently deployed to Afghanistan so I will not be able to coach this year. My son will hopefully be playing for a great coach in Alex Monicue with the Southeast Bulldawgs. My son is playing for an 8u team and I saw the YouTube video of Tackle Tube USA on the coaches page and immediately fell in love. I will be home to coach next year but until then they’ll be able to use these at his practices now. I’m super excited about all of the different drills you can do. Teaching these kids good fundamentals and cutting down on this concussion issue. I don’t know when it went away from shoulder pad in the gut, to this dive at people with your head thing but it’s terrible. I’m just glad there are tools like this one to practice good technique. Having a tool to teach safe tackling techniques for these kids is amazing, we are able to get them learning good technique, and good habits to keep them safe and playing this great game. Thanks TackleTube! Steve you’re awesome.

Diontae Trawick, Go Bulldawgs! Southeast Bulldawgs Coach Alex Monicue #bulldawgnation
email at Southeast Bulldawgs@gmail.com

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