As part of our Progression, the Knee Drive works most aspects of the Shoulder Tackle. Keeping the strike zone low. If you hit too high the Tube lets you know as the player will roll over the top. Keeping the back and neck straight, looking through the eyebrows. A good shoulder punch and a good 1 leg drive with the raised knee. We are only looking for a 1 leg drive in this drill. Notice the shoelaces are down on the down knee. We don’t want the players using that leg to drive in this drill. Line the Tube up 6” from the knee. Drive with the same knee, same shoulder. You want to line the Tube up with the shoulder and knee so you keep the player’s neck straight. The ear and cheek should be on the side of the Tube. Too many times we see the players turn their heads away from the tackle instead of keeping their heads straight. The head will go where the eyes go so use the white in the center of the Tube as a target for the eyes. Squeezing the neck will also keep the head and neck straight with the back.

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