Reminder to Take proper care of your Tackle Tubes

Over the last couple of years, I’ve seen some Tackle Tubes that look like they had never been cleaned. We are in the off-season now and many of you have your Tubes stored. If you have them stored in a hot shed, you have the risk of mold growing on the outside or worse, MRSA. We haven’t heard too much about MRSA in the last couple of years. But it can still be a problem. Here is a link with some guidelines on how to handle cleaning MRSA.

The easiest way to clean your Tackle Tubes is to get some disinfectant wipes.

I work with different teams, so I like to wipe the Tackle Tubes down weekly. If we are working on a field with not a lot of grass, the Tubes will get very dirty. The best thing I’ve found to keep them looking “clean” is Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  These things are amazing. They even get cleat marks off the Step-Over pads.MagicEraser

As coaches and players,  we don’t think too much about germs or dirt. Getting dirty is just part of football right. I’m working with a player right now that wears the same shirt to every session. His teammate said he hasn’t washed it all year. Pretty soon he won’t need shoulder pads. His shirt will be stiff enough to handle the hits during spring practice.

It doesn’t matter what equipment you have. Tackle Tube, tackle wheels, tackle rings, donuts. The bags on your sleds, shields or step-over pads. It is important to keep your equipment clean and germ-free. But it’s also important to keep your equipment looking good so the players take pride in the tools they have. It also saves you money by getting an extra year or two from your equipment.

Keep them working hard and keep them safe.

Steve Sloan

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