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THE ORIGINAL, Tackle Tube is a dynamic tool that facilitates correct tackle positioning and hones judgment and timing. Invented in 2009 to help coach correct tackling technique. The right tackling technique is an essential core skill for all football and rugby players. The correct technique increases player safety. Tackle Tube not only builds confidence and makes training fun, hand-eye coordination is improved, body lines and agility increase, resulting in consistent and safer tackles. The range of options for tackling from all angles keeps training fresh and enthusiasm high as it simulates real game situations. Tackle Tube is made from high-density energy absorbent foam; the density increases from the Junior Tube to the Youth Tube and the Senior Pro Tube. It is covered with high-quality PVC. When you see names like tackle wheel, tackle ring, tackle donut and others, they are not THE ORIGINAL Tackle Tube. We have the right size and weight for your players at every level.

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The lightest Tackle Tube – low-density foam allows young players to gain confidence while still enabling more experienced young players to make solid contact. Designed for the short arms of the smaller players age 7 and under.

Best suited for: 7 years and under
Color: Red with a white center
Weight: 9lbs.
Height: 34″
Thickness: 10″
Center hole size: 16″


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