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The Tackle Tube is a dynamic tool that facilitates correct tackle positioning and hones judgement and timing. Correct tackling technique is one of the essential core skills for all football and rugby players. Having the correct technique increases player safety, which is of paramount importance. This equipment not only builds confidence and makes training fun, hand-eye coordination is improved, body lines and agility increase, resulting in consistently high accuracy rates. The range of options for tackling from all angles keeps training fresh and enthusiasm high as it simulates real game situations. It also provides a great fitness workout! Tackle Tube is made from high density energy absorbent foam; the density increases with the size. It is covered with high quality PVC.

Tackle tubes

Real Game Simulation

  • track and tackle in motion
  • tackle from any angle
  • improve technique and timing
  • increase agility
  • as near to real game skills as you can get

Tackle tubes promote good body position

Promotes Good Body Position

  • straight back
  • head to the side
  • strong arms
  • good leg drive
  • everything you need for a great tackle

Tackle tubes unique tackle zone is designed to orientate the player and focus the mind.

The Tackle Zone

The white center of the Tackle Tube is designed to orientate the player and focus the mind. It gives the player a focal point heading in to make the tackle, and again once the tackle has been made and they’re back up on their feet to turn over the ball. The white Tackle Zone indicates where the attacking player would hold the ball, and where the defending player needs to focus. This is where all the action takes place.


  • hard wearing PVC outer
  • high density foam core
  • grab handles
  • cannot deflate
  • will not lose shape

Join The Revolution

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